"Friends of the Broadway
Patron Program

Join the Friends of the Broadway Patron Program for just $25/year! As a Friend of the Broadway Patron, you'll not only support the arts but also unlock a world of exclusive benefits. For the affordable price of $25 per year, you'll become an essential part of our vibrant community that celebrates the magic of live performances. 

Why become a Friend of the Broadway Patron?
  • Exclusive Access: Be the first to know about upcoming shows, pre-sale opportunities, and special events.
  • Community Connection: Join a passionate community of fellow theater enthusiasts who share your love for the performing arts.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Insights: Get a sneak peek into the world of Broadway with exclusive behind-the-scenes content and interviews.
  • Discounts and Perks: Enjoy special discounts on merchandise, concessions, and additional tickets.
  • Sip and Savor: Your membership ensures we can maintain our liquor license, allowing us to serve wine and beer for appropriate shows. We must maintain 100 members each year.

Don't miss your chance to be part of something extraordinary. Join the Friends of the Broadway Patron Program today, and let's make 2024 a year filled with unforgettable moments on the stage. 

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2024 Friends include:

Rosa Reyna-Pugh
Kelly Frink
 Nick, Steven, & Deklyn Costantino
 Laurie James
 Avis Dunkin
 Kimberly Cutler
 Taylor & Stacy Jones
 Suzan Campbell
 Sarah Page
 Jana Erickson
 Kay C Womack
 Melinda Baas & John Prokos
 Devon Brubaker
 Weston Lamb-Costantino
 Jack Costantino
 Justin and Maggie Spicer
 Susie Von Ahrens
 Randy & Misty Hanson
 Sheree Sains
 Amber Muir
 Caleb Smith
 Andrea Tate
Josh and Nessi Pergande
Cara Pedri and Josh Henderson
 Cheryl Confer
 Kathy Garrison

Carl & Lynne Demshar
 Larry Demshar
 Ray & Marilyn Tangen
 Liz Strannigan
 Jana & Gary Pastor
 Bonnie Cannon
 Chad Banks & Jon Harwood
 Margaret & John Gibbens
 Cheryl Garduno
 Kara Beech
 Nathan & Erika Koshar
 Ryan and Katie Pastor
 Charlene Stillion
 Kevin & Kimberly Harper
 Tami Love
 Aly Mortensen & Braden Henderson
 Stanley Szewczyk
 Sandy & Randy Rosenbach
 Susan Arguello
 Terry Narramore & Alicia Dowler
 Michael & Kat Tipton
 Cody Zampedri
Russ and Sue Lozier
 Dave and Jan Zans
 Tracy and Kara Sessions

Betty Lou Auld
 The Garner Family
 Leslie Waggener
 Sami Doak
 Wendy Koivusaari
 Bob and Debbie Spicer
 Laura Schmid-Pizzato
 Heath & Maria Mortensen
 Lisa Stewart and Rue Kendall
 Kurt Hensley
 Debora SoulĂ©
 Bill Kachnowski
 Jay Bachicha and Jim Fane
 Janet Hartford
 R.J. & Anne Covey
 Shari Kumer
 Carol White
 Kristina Jereb
 Pamela Haynes
 Kathleen Hill
 Mike Swenson & Cindy Lane
 Billy & Lynne Shalata
Brian and Heather Black
 BreAnn & Paul Alvey
 Melinda Binks
Marko and Heidi Rubich

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