Broadway Theater Receives Grant From the Wyoming Arts Council

The Arts create positive relationships between individuals. The Arts help the national economy, the community and the state of Wyoming.

            The Broadway Theater is excited to announce that they received a $4,961 grant for future performances.

            “We’ll be using the funds to help add to the upcoming season, which will be announced soon,” Maria Mortensen, URA Board Chair pointed out.


In 2019, 110 events took place at the Broadway Theater, making it the local destination for the performing arts and more, with attendance topping at 11,000 – a nearly 30 percent increase from 2018.

            Events included country music, rock/pop, instrumental, comedy, visual, live documentaries, etc.  

        “This is a good sign,” Trina Brittain, Marketing Events Coordinator said. “Concerns over COVID-19 has made a significant impact on the performing arts but we’re hoping to turn the lights on soon.”

            The Wyoming Arts Council provides funding and support statewide for projects, big and small. They award almost 150 grants and fellowships every year, funding programs and projects from every county, thereby serving more than a million participants.

            The Community Support Grant is designed for project and organizational support for organization that provide services to their community through the Arts.

Broadway Theater Receives Grant From The Wyoming Arts Co... The Arts create positive relationships between individuals. The Arts help the nationa...
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