September 14, 2019 - 7 pm

The Broadway Theater and Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency are excited to announce the performers for the first annual Wyoming Roots Music Festival.

            The event is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. September 14 at The Broadway Theater during the second annual ARTember.

            Country fans will be excited to see local band, Wyoming Raised take the stage. Wyoming Raised is “a barn-burning, honky tonk playing, up-tempo country rock and roll band. They have had many live performances and a few complications along the way; in fact, lead singer and guitar player, Dakota Knezovich was trapped in one of the largest fires in the region last summer. He was life-flighted to the University of Utah. According to his mother, Debi Knezovich, “his cousin, drummer and back-up vocalist, Braxton Knezovich stayed by his side for a week in the Burn Center ICU.” Also supporting Dakota, the band’s bass player, Kyan Debernardi made the trip to Utah as well. Although this ordeal was a setback to the band, it strengthened their passion and motivated them even more to make their dreams come true.

            Wyoming Raised has written many originals and gained a huge supporting base from the surrounding communities. Braxton, Dakota and Kyan are the new faces to the music scene in Wyoming. They inspire their fans with the love of music (new and old) and the love of their state and country.



At the age of ten, Stephen Caron, who is also known as local hip hop/rap artist, T00M3R, started producing electronic music in 2010. In 2015, he started rapping.

            “I mainly have conscious hip/hop positive vibe, with a newer sound combined with old school elements,” Stephen shared. “I’d like to inspire the youth to be good and I work hard to chase my dreams and show others they can do the same.”

            He added, “I’m trying to break the ‘rapper’ and ‘party music’ stigmas.”

            After almost a year of practicing, writing and recording hip/hop music, he finished his first rap project. Six months later, he released his second and his last mixtape came out in the summer of 2017.

            “Sometime after that, I released SELECT SUNDAEZ, a project where I put out a song every week for 30 weeks, two hours, thirty tracks,” he explained.

            Stephen has also done a few music videos that hip hop enthusiasts can find on youtube. He is currently working on a new project set to release this summer.

            Stephen gives a shout-out to those who have made a huge difference in his life.

            “I’ve worked with many local artists including some of my dearest friends, Sickamore Treezy (Nick Fletcher), Gentry Fox and Navarre Mudd,” he mentioned. “I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. My ultimate goal is to spread love and light to all through the form of good music that is suitable for many different audiences and demographics.”



FreeResonance is an unconstrained Indie Rock band from Sweetwater County, WY. According to the band, “it’s music for the masses, messes, and muses.” The band is influenced by many styles and artists.

“We make music that resonates with us in the moment,” they added.

Free Resonance is a project born of many years of dedication to music and mutual friendship. 
On lead guitar and bass guitar, Donovan Nussabum & James Chavez had separately written dozens of song ideas in the previous decade, with only their own voices and a guitar. Drummer Alex Arambel provides the beats. Inspired by the unbound nature of alternative rock, this trio’s creative essence instantly gelled.
Appreciating the uniqueness of individual resonance, and honoring the freedom of expression through sound, the band looks forward to connecting with audiences through the universal language of music.



“Original home-grown, funky pop and jazzy grooves” best describes Eagle Beak, according to lead singer, Steven Davis.

            Eagle Beak got together as a class assignment. Drummer Matt Shaffner received his Masters in Music Composition from Louisiana State University and is currently a music professor at Western Wyoming Community College, where the band started.  He has been playing professionally for 24 years. After the class disbanded, Eagle Beak was still highly sought after so they continued to play and still do to this day. They have been jamming out together for over a year. Guitarist Micah Paisly and Davis are both self-taught musicians initially, who then both furthered their understandings of music through education at Western Wyoming College with Shaffner and Cliff Wittstruck as their instructors.

            “We all share different musical heroes,” Davis said. “And I mean very different – that’s why Eagle Beak can’t quite fit into any genre.”

            He went on to say, “We explore all types of music as we are all from very different musical backgrounds.”

            Shaffner played in the drum line during his time in Georgia. He also played calypso music and Irish music. Having his Masters’ Degree, he has studied and mastered several types of music. Trained to be professional and versatile, Shaffner passed down these qualities to Davis and Paisly. Davis cultivated pop music, jazz, soul and classic rock into his college studies. Paisly enjoys punk rock, heavy metal, hip hop and R&B and furthered his understanding in music as a college student as well. He is also well - established in the world of jazz, which is where Davis and Paisly are able to meet in the middle and blend their sounds together for the past five years.  




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